Search Engine Submission

To summarise, the best practice approach to SEO is as follows:

Site Performance Audit
Objectives Setting
Project Plan
Keyword Analysis & Selection
Content Development
Site Structure Optimisation
Link Building
Search Engine Submission
Reporting & Analysis
Maintenance & Improvement

Once your search engine optimisation campaign is complete you need to ensure that the search engines visit your web site and index it in their databases. Unless your site is optimised properly, search engine submission will have very little or zero impact.

There are two types of search engines that are important; crawler based search engines and human edited directories.

Crawler Search Engines

Engines such as Google and Lycos are robot-driven meaning that they use automated technology called Spiders to locate and store the information from web sites they find.

If your site is already indexed in the major crawler based search engines it should not take more than 2-6 weeks for them to re-index the new pages of your optimised site and to recalculate your search engine rankings. Remember that if you have an already established site with good inclusion in the indexes then re-submitting will do nothing.

Checking your inclusion on Google is easy:
Simply type site: and then your website address followed by inurl: and your address into the search box and click Google Search. For example, to check the inclusion of you would type


If your site is not already indexed properly by the crawler based engines, then you should certainly submit your site. However, remember that your link building program should quickly result in the Spiders finding their way to the pages of your site anyway.

When submitting your site to the search engines, avoid using automated submission tools that may save time, but can result in being penalised. It is quite simple to submit your site to the major crawler engines by hand.

Human Edited Directories

Directories such as Yahoo and are searchable catalogues of sites that are created by human editors. These editors produce entries and descriptions for your site based on the information sent to them.

You need to select relevant categories for your site and submit descriptions to the editors that highlight your important pages.

Also, remember that you may also need to submit your site to Paid Inclusion search engines such as Overture.

Our July newsletter will review Step 9 – Reporting & Analysis.

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