Making use of best practice search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques can be a good way of starting out when it comes to getting the best rankings in organic search results.

This is according to a post on the Inside AdSense blog by Google search quality evaluator Ambroise Fensterbank, who noted that those looking to methods that improve positioning in a very short time may end up violating the search engine’s policies.

Instead, those seeking to organically boost SEO would do well to look at the quality of outgoing links and backlinks and fill in title and alt tags with information useful to customers, he stated, adding that creating an easy-to-navigate site structure can also be beneficial.

"Design your site with your users in mind and be patient and consistent in your efforts," he remarked.

"To attract quality backlinks and develop your optimisation strategy, it’s important to keep a clear structure for your pages and regularly add organic content."

Google engineer Matt Cutts recently told USA Today that creating a frequently updated blog and refraining from overuse of keywords can work wonders for SEO.

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