There has been a massive sea change in marketing because of the internet. As the internet becomes even more real-time, consumers are becoming prosumers in a way that means the olde worlde marketing models are defunct.

It is no longer about CRM and discounted products or deals. Customers are looking for better value products, not necessarily cheap, but definitely the product must be worth the money the consumer is willing to spend. Before making a purchase decision, customers are getting on the Net, seeking reviews and recommendations, looking at what other customers say about the whole purchase experience, and making decisions not on price but on respect.

Do you RESPECT your customers? Do you offer the best product for the price? Do you offer add-ons such as free online support, how to use manuals, information on upgrades? Do you avoid tacky marketing emails that clog their inbox long after the purchase was made? Have you dealt with customer complaints swiftly and efficiently? Are your customers happy with their dealings with you?

Do you know how your customers feel about you? If you don’t regularly seek feedback from customers and listen to what is being said about your company and products on the Net, how can you ensure that you are winning the customers you deserve?

Today’s tips will allow you to track some of what is being said about you, much as the press cutting services used to do with traditional media.

1) Set up Google alerts for all your brand names, company name, products and industry sector.

2) Use Tweetdeck or similar to regularly scan Twitter for mentions of your company and product names.

3) Watch your traffic stats and analytics for referrals from review sites and/or forums where your company may have been mentioned.

4) Google your company name and individual product/ brand names regularly. High traffic sites will inevitably come up in the first 1-2 pages of SERPs and may give you an indication of any mentions being made of your products.

5) If selling consumer goods, keep a weather eye on all the comparison shopping sites, which often include reviews, to check for your company and product names.

What other suggestions do people have for monitoring mentions of your company? What tools do you use?

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