It is surprising how many businesses have not yet mastered search, not just within the search engines, but elsewhere too. The benefits of becoming “search literate” are many fold, and will allow you to save time and effort in finding the answers or solutions to a multitude of questions.

Not just who are your competitors, but who are the best suppliers for your product range, where do your customers hang out, what are the best keywords for your website, where in the blog comments is that link I saw earlier, does this document refer to us (or our competitors, industry sector etc) at all, and so on, and so on. The list is endless.

Learning how to become search literate will put you ahead of the competition in a world where being able to find information amongst the noise is paramount. Additionally, when you are struck by that fantastic business idea at 2am, before you take your late night scribbles to the bank manager for a loan you will struggle to repay, reSEARCH. Undoubtedly, someone somewhere has alread tried and failed, or succeeded. In order to win in business you need to find a niche, rather than duplicate an already successful product or service, and searching can frequently prevent you making a disastrous mistake or three!

There are some great articles out there about how to use search in multiple ways, for example:

Business Mind Hacks Blog – Before you do anything else, search

Twitip – 7 Secret Ways to use Twitter Search

LinkedIn – Power searches on LinkedIn

And if you need to find something slightly out of the ordinary, go into the deeper pages of the SERPs here! Whatever your interest, there is undoubtedly a link to a resource you had never imagined would exist.

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