As a native English speaker, I shudder when I read internet marketing articles about SEO that contain the most appalling English. Prime examples of this crop up all over blogs where it is blatantly obvious that automated article writing software has been used to generate content.

Here is one such example:

SEO is a process of improving the traffic to your website from the search engines by using high quality content. It is a rich internet marketing strategy which considers how search engines work and what people search for. Try to place your web page as top as possible so that the indexed search will list your site first which has higher page rank and drive you more traffic.


Yes, content is important, but not so important that you damage your own reputation by using software which cannot ever replace a good copywriter. If you plan to use such tools, at least read ALOUD any article produced and check that it reads well and doesn’t contain basic grammatical errors.

However, there are better versions of article autowrite tools that search the Net for sentences to use in your chosen article, and therefore you are just plagiarising other people’s work, ergo it is not unique content. It is quite possible with the huge amount of content now available online that your imagination will come up with a sentence that has been used elsewhere already, particularly on popular topics, but it is highly unlikely that an article you write from your own creative juices will contain multiple repeated sentences that have been pre-published elsewhere.

However, there may be potential uses for article writing software for SEO research. For instance, you can use these type of tools (which are generally cheap) to find top level sites and related keywords and put this research easily into a report for your clients when they need to do a keyword brainstorm with contextual content.There are plenty of other tools to do such a job though – a search engine, Notepad, and Ctrl C Ctrl V springs to mind!

Whenever you create any content, however you choose to do it, ensure that it reads well, is high quality, grammatically correct English, and that it passes copyscape.

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