For SEO and search engine marketing, the benefits of writing a blog are many fold.

Firstly, you can add regular detailed commentary to your site which includes keywords and long tail terms that will enable your site to be found on the search engines for a wider variety of search terms.

You can build up a short series of articles on a particular subject which highlights your expertise, the benefits of your products and services, and helps to provide an online archive of useful information for your website visitors.

Most blog engines now use the title to create the page URL so it is a good idea to include additional keywords for commonly searched terms within the blog title for search engine optimisation.

A blog can become a conversation with your target audience. By keeping it short and ‘chatty’ with questions that encourage interactivity, you can begin to grow a community of interested readers.

For this reason, it should be easy to add comments to your blog, and also to contact you and your company easily should anyone wish to.

Blog posts need not be cumbersome, nor time consuming to write. A few minutes posting regularly can lead to a growing readership, and your blog posts can be tied into multiple places, such as your Facebook or social network pages, you can encourage people to sign up to your RSS feed, the blog posts can be added to an email newsletter etc.

Readers of blogs often search the blogrolls of well-known blogs to find other similar sources of information, so making friends with other blogs can lead to valuable backlinks to your blog.

The search engines like websites with regularly updated content and blogs help to achieve just that.

There are millions of blogs online, covering every imaginable topic, so what are you waiting for?! Use the Google Blogsearch tool to find a niche in your particular area of expertise and start blogging today!

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