Google Trends is a tool which allows SEOs, online publishers, site owners, and many others to track what may be developing in the news, hot products etc and therefore produce keyword rich content that can pick up current traffic, or run campaigns that target hot topics. (However, it is based on searches and is therefore, ultimately, US centric).

TechCrunch have written an article about how large companies are using Google Trends to drive editorial, as well as bloggers who are benefiting from blogging about hot topics, and therefore encouraging traffic to their sites. Where they may well be earning considerable money from Adsense, banner ads, or other forms of revenue generation – affiliate links, product sales, you name it.

However, there are pros and cons to it, as are neatly laid out in this article about the use of Google trends.

Whether your website or company focusses on Google Trends to create content or drive traffic, it may be wise to tread carefully if it doesn’t actually add value for your existing and potential customers.

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