Pay Per Click, when successfully used, can cut your cost of customer acquisition by substantial sums. Driving down CPA is important if you want to see a return on investment on your PPC and long-term gains for your business.

One great way to measure acquisition costs is to use call tracking to monitor the effectiveness of your landing pages for your PPC ad groups and bids. By using specific phone numbers for specific ad groups, you can measure whether a landing page is achieving its goals, and if not, make the appropriate changes to the landing page to make it work.

Of course, you also need to make sure if you are using call tracking to measure CPA and ROI that the person answering the calls is educated in the core objectives of the business and doing the hard sell so tip #2 is to train your staff! Sales techniques and harvesting information such as email addresses will help increase your ROI more than just increasing your PPC bids to beat the competition.

Landing page optimisation is vital for reducing CPA and it is still not an exact science but it does work. Don’t leave LPO to the amateurs. Good landing page optimization can reap great rewards and you can expect to see 40% or more increases on conversion rates with well designed, clear and concise landing pages. Keep your calls to action simple, and monitor the results and goals achieved using your web analytics.

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