Given the current focus on emerging search trends – and the fanfare it was afforded – Google Instant seems like “a bit of an anti-climax”, according to one expert.

Jake Hird, senior research analyst with digital marketing and ecommerce community Econsultancy, said the service, which was launched at the beginning of September and provides people with page suggestions as they type, is simply an amalgamation of Google’s Suggest and Feeling Lucky functions into results.

At a time when search is moving into areas like real-time content – and considering Google’s size and technical capabilities – Instant is something of a let down, he added.

Nevertheless, Mr Hird said because the company is such a dominant force in search, even a small change can have significant implications, both positive and negative, for users of internet marketing services.

The reaction to Instant from many working with search engine optimisation services has been “incredibly mixed”, although many see the change as “perfectly timed” to “shake-up the industry and reform practices”.

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