Businesses should allocate more resources to maximising the potential for search engine optimisation on mobile phones, it has been suggested.

Writing for Search Engine Land, Brian Klais explained many firms do not tend to concentrate on this aspect of their search engine marketing, as it represents a relatively small section of the market when compared to desktop PC usage.

He noted "complexity and money" are the two main reasons why companies are neglecting this part of their strategy, as they also have to focus on number other aspects of mobile marketing, such as social networks and apps.

However, there is great potential for mobile search to boost return on investment, Mr Klais argued, stating: "It can act as a high-margin supercharger to maximise the number of users satisfied by the mobile content, in the least amount of time."

Businesses using online marketing services may also wish to look into ways of utilising Google's Instant Previews, which was recently rolled out for some mobile devices and enables handset owners to see a snapshot of a webpage before visiting it.

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