Social Media Marketing - Tips and TricksFor those who are using Facebook as an integral string to their marketing bow, there are now some additional uses of the Facebook Like button that can help to drive traffic to your website.

Possibly the most useful of these is the ability to now use Like buttons around the web on additional content, which will then feed into the user’s news stream and therefore reach all their friends and contacts. This can help to alleviate the pain of under-visited Facebook pages by driving traffic from external sources, for instance, your own website, blog and so on.

In addition, Facebook has started showing ‘liked’ articles in the search results, as Allfacebook reported last week. So, whilst Google are apparently endeavouring to replicate Facebook, it may be that Facebook is about to go into a deeper level of competition with Google on search.

We wrote about using people to rank pages rather than technology well over a year ago and it is interesting to see how the development of a large, active and self-trusting community to filter results may actually now factor into search engine results.

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John Newton has 14 years of strategic marketing experience across Online Display, Search Marketing and TV and Outdoor Advertising, in companies which include Yahoo!, ITV and TNS Global. John has written on blog monetisation for Web Designer magazine and was the editor of ClickThrough’s two books. John is a CIM Chartered Marketer.