Pay per click marketing (PPC) could suffer if the European Commission (EC) rules against Google as a result of its current anti-trust investigation, one commentator has said.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Duncan Parry stated that questions that have been sent by the EC to marketers about the porting of campaigns from AdWords to other PPC providers suggest some worrying possibilities.

He explained that if the EC order Google to add tools that will allow for promotions to be transferred to other services such as adCenter, this may be a negative step for many marketers.

"A copy and paste of a campaign from Google into adCenter or any other ad platform won't bring the best results," Mr Parry said, adding: "The systems have different campaign options, treat search strings and match types differently, have different consumer user bases, etc."

The expert noted that tailoring campaigns to different platforms is a skill in itself and if this is lost, marketers may not be able to get the best returns on their investment.

Last week, it was reported that French search engine 1PlusV has made a new claim against Google, alleging anti-competitive practices.

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