With the news that MSN adCenter is now powering 100 per cent of paid search advertising on both Bing and Yahoo!, one expert has been examining what its pay per click services can offer.

Commenting for Search Engine Watch, Greg Habermann offered a comparison between adCenter and Google AdWords.

His findings show the services are broadly similar in terms of features, he noted some key differences between the rivals.

At present, AdWords is the only one of the two offering a pre-pay option, but Mr Habermann has found that Microsoft allows users to run more campaigns and specify more keywords, with up to 10,000 available per adgroup.

However, he did caution that MSN had been "vague in the past" on some of its specific numbers.

General manager of Microsoft Advertising Search David Pann was quoted by Search Engine Watch last week as saying adCenter would save advertisers time and simplify their campaigns.

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