Do you get exasperated with callers who insist on making you spell every word in your address, even really obvious ones?

So do we. This has just happened in the office. We were listening to a colleague in precisely that situation being  asked to spell her  address “Garden Lane”.

None of this alpha, beta, charlie standard phonetic alphabet for our staff. Oh no….

” G….for gnome.”

The huge grin indicated confusion had successfully been achieved at the other end.

So, we are coming up with a new, call centre confusing alphabet so you too can smile when they struggle to work out which letter you mean.

We need your help though as we aren’t doing very well yet!!

A is for aardvark

B is for

C is for chaos

D is for djibouti

E is for effort, ewe

F is for

G is for gnome

H is for hors d’oeuvre, heir

I is for

J is for jojoba

K is for knife, knacker

L is for Llewellyn (in Welsh, pronounced Thlu-welyn)

M is for mnemonic

N is for

O is for ouija,

P is for phishing, philistine, psychic, psychologist, phew and many, many more!

Q is for Qu’ran, Quebec

R is for

S is for

T is for tsunami

U is for

V is for

W is for why, wrench

X is for xylophone

Y is for Yves San Laurent

Z is for

Your contributions please!!!

(And we wonder why people struggle to learn English!)

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