Above the organic search results for the vast majority of terms are (usually) three paid placement ads from Adwords accounts. However, in the last few days, Google has introduced an additional advert – a comparison ad. These were introduced in autumn last year, firstly in the US for mortgage comparisons, and then in spring in the UK for credit cards.

This ad, when clicked on, will take you to a screen offering different comparison options based on income, credit history, rewards, age and network e.g. Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

It is likely that the introduction of comparison ads as an additional ad above the organic listings indicates the imminent appearance of more types of comparison ads. For those who think that pay per click marketing has reached it’s zenith, think again!

Below is an example of a finance search with four ads above the organic results:

Google Search Results with 4 PPC Listings

And here is an example of a page of credit card comparison results:

Google Credit Card Comparison Page

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