Google is developing a number of new resources that aim to address issues such as click fraud and monitoring online advertising traffic, according to one expert.

Staff writer for Marketing Pilgrim, Jordan McCollum, writes in her latest blog that the search engine is currently premiering a series of sites such as a new click fraud resource centre aimed at tackling the problem.

She states that the company’s Ad Traffic Quality Resource Centre will help Google’s AdWords customers to not only report and evade incidents but also provide a forum that reassures its clients.

Her comments are in response to a recent blog on the search engine’s AdWords site that advises they are now addressing the issue by overcompensating for the expected level of bad clicks.

A statement on the AdWords site states that the company takes the average rate of invalid clicks – which its states is less than ten per cent – and creating a much higher false positive rate.

"At our current revenue run rate, the number of clicks we filter and therefore do not charge our advertisers for is potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars," Google states.

Earlier this month Search Engine Land revealed that Google was dominating the pay per click field in numbers and sales conversion quality.

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