Search engine marketing efforts may be aided by new improvements being made to the Google Suggest tool, which was introduced recently to help web users find the information they are looking for faster.

In an official blog post, product managers Jonathan Effrat, David Kadouch and Matt Kulick said the search engine is adding several new features to Google Suggest.

Firstly, suggestions will now be provided when users make additional search queries from results pages. Previously, they were only offered when making a query from the Google homepage.

In addition, Google Suggest will also show relevant past searches when users have web history enabled, allowing them to repeat some of the searches they carry out most often.

Finally, sponsored links will also appear in the list of suggestions, which could be beneficial for companies looking to reach those most interested in their products and services with search engine marketing and pay per click ads.

Research carried out recently by Forrester Consulting revealed that 52 per cent of web users actively respond to internet marketing in some way.

This may include directly clicking on display advertisements or running related searches on search engines.

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