Google may have revolutionised the way we surf the internet but not everyone is a fan of the search engine and some are out there looking for an alternative, according to an article last week for the Telegraph.

The newspaper reports that among Google’s knockers is one internet entrepreneur and programmer named Rich Skrenta who claims that not only is the search engine now a major monopoly in the industry but states that the service it is currently offering users is out of date and in need of a replacement.

Mr Skrenta, who according to the paper was the author of the first microcomputer virus, believes the world’s favourite search engine is designed with the world wide web of the 1990s in mind and cannot cope with the modern Web 2.0 model in the same way.

He states that there should be more competition available in the market and that in terms of the search engine as a product, there is no Pepsi available for Google’s Coke.

This, it is reported, is Mr Skrenta’s reasoning behind investment in a new search project entitled Blekko – although at this stage this is just a code name – which he hopes will have the success of Google but offer web users an alternative that is fully equipped to deal with the needs of the modern surfer.

Rich Skrenta believes that the main issue with Google is the way its algorithms generate page rankings and suggests that the search engine’s PageRank system, put together by the site’s creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin, has "wrecked the web" by having generated an underground trade in links that has turned the information super highway into a purely commercial enterprise.

It will not be the first time something new has hit the market attempting to challenge Google’s reign as the search champion. Wikia Search was recently launched by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales with the intention of creating a search engine powered by users in the same way his innovative online encyclopaedia has.

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