Google's Matt Cutts has stated that the search engine marketing services it provides and the results it delivers are far better than they were in 2000.

On his official blog, he countered suggestions that the level of spam on the website has increased over the last decade by comparing a set of results from a search performed ten years ago and today.

"Google 2011 is much better than Google 2000", he stated, adding that "improving search quality is a process that never ends" and it was a myth that the Google of ten years ago had been largely spam-free.

Mr Cutts observed that in the older query, many of the returned web pages were from the same domain and searches could often return up to 50 results from one website.

Since Google introduced "host crowding" to limit this, the quality of results has improved immensely, he added.

The search engine market is continuing to expand, according to comScore's recent Year in Review report, which revealed that core searches grew by 12 per cent in the 2010.

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