Think about the average website you visit after a search engine search.

Sometimes, the page you land on isn’t even seemingly related to the search term or keywords you searched on. What do you do? Yes, you may pass a cursory glance over the page content but if there is no seeming relevance to your search that jumps out at you, you will often leave almost immediately.

So, how do you make it clear to your site visitor within seconds that the page they have arrived on is exactly what they were looking for?

By keeping a close eye on your website traffic stats, you can see which search terms are driving traffic to your site. Don’t forget the long tail terms too as these can drive considerable traffic over time.

Make sure that you have landing pages specifically crafted to ensure that you have unique and valuable content which covers these search terms.

You then highlight these terms in your text, put them in bold, make them stand out. Even if the phrase or keywords aren’t exactly the same as the phrase they searched upon, if the highlighted terms that leap off the page are close enough, the visitor will know instantly that they are on the right website.

Add images that illustrate the top keywords for that page content.

Break text up so it is very easy to scan – think of a red top newspaper and how wide the columns are, and stick to a similar, easy read format. Huge blocks of text are very difficult to read and absorb whereas short lines and short paragaphs are really simple.

Add subheadings which include related keywords and phrases.

Add related links so that they can see you understand what they are looking for and can offer even more content than that instantly visible.

Make sure the target keywords are above the fold ie in the first screen visible on your average monitor, n.ot hidden below several scrolls down the page.

Check your bounce rates and exit pages. If the page doesn’t immediately communicate what it is about, visitors will often just leave but unless you are aware of this fact, you can’t correct it.

Keep it simple stupid (The KISS principle). Do not create enormous pages with several topic areas. Create single subject pages with a clear call to action and KISS for your visitors!

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