In a recent blog post, Matt Cutts clarifies the Page Rank debate which has raged, with particular relation to sculpting sites for PR. He recommends allowing Page rank to flow freely through your site rather than trying to sculpt pages and links to force PR to flow.

It seems that some of us SEO folk had failed to notice, or hear, what Google has been trying to intimate about use of resources and time with Page Rank. So, just to make it clear, Matt has spoken out about the issues.

Basically, content that is important should be high level not deeplinked within a site. Your site should be easily accessible to both search engine bots and human beans alike (Many people forget the human element, yet they are the ones who will buy your products!) Your site should host great content that attracts links naturally, rather than trying to force links through PR sculpting. And he is quite clear about the value of nofollow (or not) and trying to ‘hoard’ PR ie don’t.

So, we are slowly heading back to the logical, sensible path where sites respect their visitors, make navigation intuitive, and focus less on what the search engines are doing and more on what the people want to know and leading them easily and quickly to the answers.

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