In this team member profile we caught up with Ava Kelly, our new Online Copywriter at ClickThrough Marketing to discuss the latest challenges for online PR, her role at ClickThrough and why The Time Travellers Wife is her favourite film.

Who are you? – Ava Kelly, the new Online Copywriter at ClickThrough Marketing.

When did you start at ClickThrough? – The beginning of April

What will you be doing at ClickThrough? – I’m responsible for the articles and PR at ClickThrough, making sure they are delivered on time and to the client’s satisfaction.  I will also be heading a team of interns which join us at different times throughout the year, and helping to develop their writing skills.

What were you doing before you arrived at ClickThrough? Where did you work? – Before joining the team at ClickThrough I worked as a journalist at a number of media outlets, including radio station BRMB and local newspaper the Walsall Advertiser.  I’ve also been a freelancer selling stories to a range of publications from women’s lifestyle magazines to travel magazines.  Most recently before joining ClickThrough I moved into the area of Public Relations and worked for two years as a PR Executive at a fertility company in London.

What accounts/clients have you worked on before? – In the area of PR my full time client was the fertility company PureAdam.

What are you most proud of in your career to date? – I am most proud that after my journalism degree I was able to move to Thailand and live there for over a year, funding the experience by selling articles to travel magazines, as well as doing some pieces for an English newspaper there, the Phuket Gazette, and monetizing my travel blog.  The experience is one I will never forget and I fell in love with the Island of Phuket and the people I met there.  To be working in journalism, a job I love, while having a once in a lifetime opportunity is something I was very fortunate to be able to experience.

What do you love about your job?  – The great thing about my job is being creative in my writing.  I have varied topics to write about, and I love being able to entertain, inform or interest people in my writing.  Meanwhile, my time spent working in PR has allowed me to meet some fascinating people, particularly when I worked with case studies.  Building a rapport with people and telling their story in the most effective and interesting way has been a very rewarding aspect of my job.

What do you think is the number one thing for online journalists to watch out for in the next year? – The increase in the number of news blogs is now challenging online journalism and questioning what journalism is and who can be a journalist.  Do you need a qualification or simply access to a platform for people to hear your opinions?  With digital media slowly infiltrating (and some would say overtaking) the traditional press the rules are changing.

Who do you most admire and why? – A person I admire is Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who utilised the media to draw attention to her plight around the World.  She is the Iranian woman accused of infidelity who was sentenced to death by stoning.  After she, with the help of her son appealed to the media to spread the word, her story caused outrage amongst the West, and the Iranian Government bowed under pressure and spared her life.  This just proves the power of the Media can be used for good and can be used to hold not only our Government but those around the World accountable.  It is comforting to know that our own Media could be used to empower someone whose outlook seemed bleak and otherwise helpless.

What is your favourite book? – ‘A Brief History of the Dead’ by Kevin Brockmeier.  The title makes it sound very morbid but it’s a beautifully written moving fictional tale which evokes your imagination of heaven and life after death.

What is your favourite film? –  ‘The Time Travelers Wife’.  It’s a lovely film portraying true love.

Name your top three songs? – 1. ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele – it makes me think of someone from my past, this song probably brings someone to mind for all of us!  2. ‘Heart of Glass by Blondie – for dancing to on great nights out. 3.  ‘I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor’ by the Arctic Monkeys – another feel good classic, and it reminds me of my uni days!

What do you like doing in your spare time? – I spend most of my spare time with friends, doing spinning classes at the gym, going to the cinema and shopping.  I went to University in Bournemouth so I often go back there for the weekend especially in the summer as it’s a home from home for me now.

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John Newton has 14 years of strategic marketing experience across Online Display, Search Marketing and TV and Outdoor Advertising, in companies which include Yahoo!, ITV and TNS Global. John has written on blog monetisation for Web Designer magazine and was the editor of ClickThrough’s two books. John is a CIM Chartered Marketer.