As millions of people shift focus away from television and newspapers, the popularity of the internet has made it the best place to market your company.

Unlike TV, where strategic adverts have to be repeated – and paid for repeatedly – the internet offers a one-stop shop for your advert.

You can reach your target audience directly through advertising on websites that interest your customers – and your customer base is immediately widened online because it’s accessible to everyone, everywhere on the world-wide web.

By providing interesting information or offers to potential customers online, you can also guide them straight to your website in a matter of seconds, without them having to think, move or do anything other than click.

As traditional print and broadcast media makes the transition to the internet, previously successful marketing techniques will eventually become obsolete unless they are transferred to online marketing.

With the rise of mobile marketing making the internet available even whilst shopping, businesses which have relied on traditional media will have to make the transition to the internet too, or face a dwindling customer base with little potential for future expansion.

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