The "world’s most private search engine" has launched a new, easier to remember name to boost its profile and help more customers find it on the web.

Ixquick claims to be internationally recognised as having the best privacy practices in the search engine market but according to chief executive Robert Beens, it has been missing out on traffic because some users found its name hard to spell.

With Startpage, the search engine hopes to improve its online marketing services by offering the same features in a site that is easier for potential users to navigate to.

Unlike Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s search engines, which log all search queries and link them to a user’s IP address and cookies, Ixquick and Startpage guarantees not to record searches or IP addresses.

"Whether people prefer to go to or, they can search with equal confidence, knowing that their privacy is protected," Mr Beens said.

According to BizReport, while the search engine ranks "far behind" sites like Google, and Bing, its privacy policies have won it a "loyal following".

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