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SEO News Roundup: Why Pruning Content Is Actually A Valid Process

Tom Williams brings you the latest in search engine optimisation news, including why you should consider ‘pruning’ your content, Google’s decision not to depend on structured data and schema, and a new look for the mobile search results interface. Why Pruning Content Is Actually A Valid Process It appears Google’s Gary Illyes and John Mueller…

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Showcase Ads – Our Thoughts So Far

Back in July 2016, Google introduced its Showcase Shopping Ads. Our Senior Digital Paid Media Manager Adam Kilby runs through some key statistics we’ve come across since this release. Key Statistics Over the past 15 months, and with a very limited range of products, we have driven approximately £80k in revenue for one of our clients,…

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CRO News Roundup: The Art of Emotional Persuasion

Richard Chapman rounds up the latest in CRO advice, including the art of emotional persuasion, ways to improve your pricing page, and five rising digital technologies to look out for. The Art of Emotional Persuasion If you can get the hang of psychology, you’ll have a better idea of how people make decisions. This contributes to…

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Why Aren’t More Businesses Using CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) should have great appeal across different types of businesses. Transactional ecommerce businesses can increase sales to improve their conversion rates to add to basket or sale by applying AB Testing across different pages in the customer journey, while businesses involved in lead generation can increase lead volume by improving profile capture…

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SEO News Roundup: Mobile-First Index Is Live Forever

Tom Williams brings you the latest in search engine optimisation news, including more information about the mobile-first indexing, why you shouldn’t remove old content and the ‘people also ask’ box.  Mobile-First Index Is Live Forever After Barry Schwartz “kind of got Google’s John Mueller to admit Google began the mobile-first index rollout”, it seems that…

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Maximise Clicks With Bing Ads’ New Automated Strategy

Bing Ads recently announced the full rollout of its new automated bid strategy, which is designed to deliver advertisers a maximum amount of clicks within their budget. Over a year ago, Bing Ads brought in the Enhanced CPC Bid Strategy, which automatically adjusts bids to ensure campaigns generate higher conversion rates and lower CPAs. Since this…

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What Can You See With Google’s Lighthouse?

Zoe Adkins explores Google’s Lighthouse; an automated tool that allows users to gauge the quality of their web pages, and discover the specifics needed for improvements and optimisation. Since the Chrome 60 release back in August this year, Google has added an ‘Audits’ tab to dev tools. This is powered by Lighthouse, a pre-existing open-source…

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PPC News Roundup: AdWords Report – How Many Days To Conversion?

Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp detail the latest in paid search industry news, including AdWords’ ‘Days To Conversion’ report, a new tab rollout for Bing Ads and how parallel tracking can influence landing page success. How Many Days To Conversion? Google AdWords now produces a report that can let advertisers know the approximate time it…

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10 Ways Your Brand Impacts Search Performance

Jade Coleman and Alison Humphries run through five ways “brand” can impact search performance, from both an SEO and Paid Search perspective.  SEO Perspective #1 Exclusivity Resellers like Amazon are a great way to reach a wider audience. However, due to the popularity, site strength and marketing budgets these types of websites have, they could…

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