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Consumers gain a new weapon to bring corporates to task

There are far too many examples of brands and companies attempting to hide information from consumers and being caught out. The reality is that honesty in business, as in all other aspects of life, is essential. Especially in these days of the Internet where it is surprisingly easy for the diligent, upset or just plain…

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Controlling social media for your brand

As social media gives consumers a far greater voice and wrenches control of brands away from the traditional PR and marketing teams, what strategies need to be adopted by business to try to limit the opportunities for negative press? Consumers have been morphing into prosumers for several years now, and this can cause a headache…

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Cause-Tied Marketing – the good, the bad and the ugly

As we come to the end of Comic Relief, and in the midst of several global crises, it is time to look at what can and cannot work when businesses jump on ’cause-tied’ marketing. (A phrase I have plagiarised from the WSJ) The Ugly Previously, we have written about the mistakes made by those who…

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The Inevitable Bing Backlash

The horrendous events in Japan have created an unexpected problem for Microsoft and their search engine, Bing. Whilst trying to be generous and offering financial aid to Japan, someone in the marketing department thought it would be an idea to publicise the donation on Twitter, with a promise of a $1 donation per Retweet of…

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SEO Myth #2 – Page Rank matters

Image by dannysullivan via Flickr Ah, this old chestnut! PageRank used to be one of the sacred mantras you would hear SEOs chanting. Your PR was of huge import and anyone with a PR of 5 or above felt they had the right to look down upon you. Some people lost sleep whenever their PR…

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