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We all know people need motivating (or ‘bribing’!) to take action, and there are numerous examples of this ‘motivation’ online competitions, freebies, giveaways, 1 today only deals etc. Let’s talk briefly about competitions.

There are many reasons to run a competition: for instance to attract people to your products or your website, to help make a decision and involve your audience in doing so, or to harvest email addresses from potential customers.

Whilst there are many high value prizes you could offer, you don’t always need to think big. You do, however, need to understand your audience and offer a prize that will be of interest to them. You also need to consider how you will ensure that the competition brings the results you want. If you offer a Ferrari, or an iPad, all and sundry will enter your competition and these people may well have no interest in your products or services they are just after the prize!

If you want to attract potential new customers, you may wish to offer a discount voucher for one of your services this could bring in a new customer for years to come. Offering a generous discount on a high end service can also help build your brand in the eyes of all those who hear about it, and potentially attract a new audience who can benefit from your website content.

Run competitions with prizes for great ideas, for a new tagline, for reviews of products and services, and above all make it fun for everyone.

Think about the competition from both sides of the picture and make it a win-win situation.

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