As the new year starts to get further underway many businesses will be taking the time to ensure that their current search engine optimisation strategies are up to scratch.

Checking over each element of an SEO strategy can be time-consuming; and in business, spare time isn’t going to be there in huge blocks.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Josh McCoy, has produced a number of quick tips which can be used to keep the strategy on track.

Here are a few of those tips in a summarised form:

Refer back to your overall site mission – What is the main aim of your website? Look into this aim, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) and determine whether the site is still on the right track – this will give you an idea of any potential changes that need to be made to the overall SEO strategy.

Assess you top keywords – Take advantage of what Google Webmaster Tools has to offer by looking at the top keywords featured on your website. Also take time to look at variations to these keywords.

Doing this will give you an overall view of “what Google understands you site to represent,” McCoy states.

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