Internet marketers have been advised that shoppers place a great deal of emphasis on user-generated content (UGC).

According to a spokesman for Web-User, an online magazine which offers news and opinion from internet consumers, said that advertisers looking to maximise their return on investment should consider the power of UGC.

Ben Camm-Jones, news editor of the internet magazine, said that by looking at the business model that has made a success of online auction site eBay, whereby positive and negative comment can affect purchasing decisions UGC can be seen as a useful tool.

"I think that any sensible retailer has got to put those features on their website because people do trust what other people say, although whether it is genuine or not is another issue," he said.

He added that it was equally important to ensure UGC is not manipulated by competitors and that online consumers place an "incredible" amount of importance on these features.

It has emerged that eBay recently announced seller feedback rules will change from May this year.

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