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Posts by Alistair Harris:

ClickThrough Marketing Celebrates Comic Relief SEO and PPC Success

Digital marketing agency ClickThrough Marketing has raised money and search engine rankings for...

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Black is the new green: Is Google News a less colourful place to be in 2013?

Google has updated the way it displays results in Google News.

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Internet marketing: Social shouts, waves arms about, email still wins

In Internet years, email is ancient. As such, social networking could be compared to a...

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Mobile and social behind websites in terms of Internet marketing spend

If you’re feeling like a wallflower at the social media party, and a little reluctant to jump head...

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One small search: Google equates modern search power to original Apollo missions

Since the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong last month, many people across the world have been...

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PPC accounts for six per cent of search clicks in UK

A new study of the composition of the UK's search market has found that organic search clicks...

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How to PPC: Ambiguous keywords

When it comes to communication, context can be all-important.

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Internet marketing tips: Have You Got a Gravatar?

There are numerous ways to identify yourself online, either through your website or via social...

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How to SEO: Is Google Using Web Analytics as a Ranking Factor?

In the aftermath of Google's Panda algorithm update, which was designed to weed out poor-quality...

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How to PPC: Are Averages Good Enough for Paid Search?

Naturally, any business that runs PPC marketing campaigns keeps a careful eye on Analytics. One...

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How to SEO: SEO v Analytics

Many Internet marketers and webmasters believe that SEO and Analytics are two completely separate...

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