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Posts by Sarah Clarke:

How to balance performance and creativity in marketing

Innovative marketing campaigns must strike a balance between being performance driven and pushing...

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How to drive and manifest a confidence culture

Improving your team’s self confidence at work will help them become better marketers, and more...

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How to approach decision making based on data

How should we be using data in digital marketing (and wider business matters) to inform our...

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Applied Behavioural Science in Marketing

How can you apply behavioural science to your advertising strategy? Sarah Clarke shares how you can...

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Using Dynamic Creative Optimisation

After 25 years in the marketing mix, Display and Programmatic has paved the way for channels such...

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Recession Conversion Tactics

We recently talked about types of consumer spending and how this trends and changes during a...

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What happens to consumer spending during a recession?

Understanding consumer psychology and the changes in peoples’ spending habits can be the key to...

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How to use Google Performance Max campaigns to improve your profits

What are the benefits of Google's new Performance Max campaign type? Head of DPM, Sarah Clarke,...

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Google Announce the Phasing Out of Broad Match Modified Keywords

Do you use Broad Match Modified keywords in your ads accounts? These are soon to be a thing of the...

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How to plan your advertising strategy to maximise sales for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching - is your paid search strategy ready to go? Sarah Clarke shares...

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