How Clickthrough helped me go from hobbyist to expert

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Scott Spragg is one of ClickThrough’s Web Developers. Find out more about Scott's journey into marketing and how ClickThrough helped achieve his goals.

Time with ClickThrough: 4 years, 3 months

Current Role: Web Developer

Getting into Marketing

Many years ago when I started web developing as a hobby, I could never of even imagined being where I am now. I was working as a fire alarm engineer and started teaching myself web development. I found it all so interesting and used any spare time I could to learn how to do more and more. I finally took the leap to leave my job and find a career in web development, however the agency I started at just didn’t offer the support I needed to help me develop, so I moved on and ended up at ClickThrough! The development ClickThrough has offered me has improved my knowledge so much, compared to what I know now, me 5 years ago knew very little.

Scott 1

Learning new skills

The great thing about ClickThrough is that not only do you get training, but you’re surrounded by experts, there is always someone around you that knows the answer if you’re unsure. The mentoring I’ve had since starting has really shaped my work today, the help I received from my colleagues and manager has been absolutely priceless. The whole team has helped me in every way they could, they took anything I was lacking in and built up my knowledge, getting me to the standard I work at today. A lot of my learning has been diving into new challenges, learning as I go and taking on new tasks whenever I can, but I’ve never felt like I’ve been pushed too far out of my comfort zone or told to take on a task I didn’t know how to do. With the level of clients we have I think you have to push yourself and continuously develop your knowledge, and I know my team are always there to help if I need them.

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Why integration works

I always try to work with different departments wherever I can, not only does it mean I can help support them with the more technical side of projects but it helps me learn about the different sides of the business too. Integration is a huge part of ClickThrough, it makes all of our work go so much smoother rather than all parts of a project being done separately and hoping it works at the end. I love giving technical guidance to the other departments throughout a project, knowing that the end result will be incredible. And having market leading experts within the business definitely helps ensure everyone is clued up on each corner of the project. I never thought I’d know so much about SEO or content or even PR, but being able to work on all these different projects has meant I’ve been able to grow a mountain of marketing knowledge.

Scott 2

What the future holds

My role has recently shifted slightly from working client side to more in the CRO department and A/B testing. I’ve been helping develop JourneyCraft which has been such an exciting project. I’ve really enjoyed getting into the heavy development of JourneyCraft and I’d love to do more of this kind of thing in the future. Working on internal projects is something I’ve really enjoyed doing, building and developing new tools that clients can use to help them, I want to make tools that are really useful for our clients! I’d love to have a small development team for these projects, who knows what the future holds. The thing that makes ClickThrough so special is we work on so many different clients from different industries, no two client is the same, they all come with different ideas and different challenges which makes every day different.

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