Microsoft and Yahoo unveil the Yahoo Bing Network

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Following the formation of their Search Alliance, Microsoft and Yahoo have announced that their joint search marketplace will be known as the Yahoo Bing Network.

Both have stated that Internet marketing professionals could potentially reach around 46 million unique US users - that aren't using rival search engine, Google - on their search engines. According to comScore's search engine rankings for July (2012), Bing and Yahoo held just under 29 per cent of the search market.

In a joint statement, they said: "A similar result holds true worldwide, with 489 million unique searchers, 92 million of whom do not use Google; and worldwide the Yahoo! Bing Network represents an audience who is likely to spend 124 per cent more than the average searcher and 78 per cent more than Google searchers worldwide."

As part of the move Microsoft adCenter has also been renamed, becoming Bing Ads.

Commenting on Bing Ads, Tina Kelleher, of Microsoft, stated: "Bing Ads is not only a new name, but an improved experience with new features to help you better manage your campaigns and complete tasks faster.

"Recent improvements include: a new web interface, improved ad rotation controls, and agency enablement tools that make it easier for agencies to manage multiple accounts," she added.

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