The DPM Weekly News Update: Amazon introduce ‘Audience Targeting’

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This week's DPM update is brought to you by Amazon Digital Paid Media Executive Marcus. Featuring news from paid search, social and Amazon.


There's something for everyone in this week's DPM update, as we bring you news from across the realm of Digital Paid Media! This week, I'm sharing news from TikTok, a Google Ads update, and some insight into developments in my own specialism - Amazon.

The fact that's blown our minds this week though? Jeff Bezos makes $2,537 a second… yes a second! Since you read that he’s made 10 grand … now 12.


TikTok introduce Lead Generation Ads

Our first news comes from one of our current favourite social platforms: TikTok. The company are now launching lead generation ads across the platform, enabling users to drive more customer acquisition. Of the launch they have said:

"Lead Gen Ads enable businesses of all sizes to create seamless interactions with the objective of turning prospects into potential customers. On TikTok, a lead gen form loads 9 times faster than a third party website, and your potential customers can enter their information without leaving the platform, we'll even automatically populate fields such as name and email address"


Google Ads launches API 7.0

From Paid Search, we've been learning about Google Ads launch of API 7.0. The Google Ads API allows users to integrate their Google Ads activity within their own reporting stack and automate key parts of your campaign. Test accounts have been able to use new assets such as callout assets, structured snippets, and sitelinks assets.

Other new features include:

  • Promotion assets (in both production and test accounts)
  • Support for reporting on Apple’s AKAdNetwork.
  • Keyword Planning tool updates to refine keyword strategy (using annotation data, selecting custom date ranges for search volume, and requesting aggregated metrics)
  • Management of bidding strategy and campaign simulations to trial campaigns before launch


Amazon introduce ‘Audience Targeting’

Now for some news from the best advertising platform DPM has to offer (though maybe I'm biased??). Amazon advertising is always changing, and the newest feature brought to Sponsored Display advertising is audience targeting. This allows us to target whole sectors of people within Amazon. (Genders, Age, Shopping habits)

We'll be using this valuable data to refine our clients' Amazon strategies even further.


Facebook under fire for selling age data to gambling, alcohol and vaping

Facebook have returned to headlines this week after being accused of harvesting the data of teenagers and on-selling it to advertisers for targeted alcohol, gambling, vaping and dating ads.

Lobby group Reset Australia revealed their findings in a report. After posing as a fake account (Ozzie News Network) to see what data they had access to and test whether Facebook treated the data of teenagers any differently to adult users.


As for news from the ClickThrough DPM team, Lewis has hit the jackpot by winning a brand new car while Liv has revealed she used to compete on a national level for javelin. Just a normal week at team ClickThrough! 

Swing by next week to hear more facts from the world of DPM.


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