I’ve just been reading through the comments submitted to this blog, which are currently under moderation rather than open.I don’t think I am particularly heavy handed with the delete button, but the majority of the comments submitted break all netiquette whilst achieving nothing for your Web PR….

Commenting on blogs is an excellent way to attract traffic to your site, build relationships and get involved in constructive dialogue. Unless you are spamming. In which case, it is a waste of time.

Here are 10 things NOT to do when using comments as a blog marketing tool.

1. Don’t just write “Nice blog”. That is not a positive contribution to any discussion!

2. Don’t write about something totally irrelevant. eg much as I may care that Aaron has pimples all over his body (which I don’t), it is severely off-topic. And spam.

3. Don’t include a blatant link to your website  in the comment unless it will lead readers of that blog to VALUABLE information about the subject of the post.

4. Don’t link to affiliate sites.Many bloggers are trying to earn money and stay alive too.

5. Don’t forget that comments are for ..um…COMMENTING on the post. Not to promote your site, sell drugs, or any other similar activity.

6. Don’t fill the name field with every keyword you can think of pertaining to your own product/service. Think of a name. Yes, use your company name or twitter handle if you wish, but keep it sensible.

7. Don’t cut and paste and repeat comments on multiple blogs. Many blogs are interlinked because of subject area and any users who visit multiple sites and read the exact same comment from you over and over again will give you negative PR rather than positive.

8. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

9. Don’t be offensive, disrespectful or abusive. Be polite. You are writing on someone else’s blog.

10. Don’t forget where you have posted a comment. Duplicate postings on a comment thread are unnecessary.

It should be simple, but judging by all the comments I have deleted today, for some it is more taxing than it should be.

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