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Posts by Joe Wheeler:

How To Use Schema To Improve Organic Performance

Learn how to use schema to improve organic performance with our SEO Specialist, Joe. We'll cover...

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SEO Round-Up: Another Day, Another Google Algorithm Update

SEO wiz Joe Wheeler takes us through the latest news in SEO as part of our SEO Round-up. Find out...

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Top SEO Tips for Shopify Product and Collection Pages

Do you run a Shopify website that isn’t bringing in much organic traffic? Or perhaps you get a...

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SEO News: Google Reveals SEO Best Practices for Deal pages

SEO specialist Joe Wheeler takes us through this weekly round-up of SEO news, including best...

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SEO News: Google Supports New Schema Mark-up For Education Sites

SEO Specialist Joe Wheeler takes us on a journey around the latest SEO news and studies in our...

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SEO News: Google Search Results Now Include 'Full Coverage' for News

SEO Specialist, Joe Wheeler, heads up the latest news stories in the world of search engine...

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