1. Write a new blog post by reading today’s headlines on your favourite news site, and writing on something that relates to you or your industry, your company or your products. If you really can’t find a single news story that relates to you, use your keywords and search on Google News – there will be a story somewhere in the world that you can comment upon!

2. Set up a Twitter account, and post a link to your latest blog post. Then waste several hours reading what all your new friends have Tweeted about.

3. Search for your top keywords + forum. Find the busiest most interesting forum and join in the conversation after setting up your profile with a link to your site.

4. Post all your most recent blog posts and/or new website content onto del.icio.us

5. Use Google Blogsearch to find an interesting blog and make a complimentary comment on their latest post. Include your URL or company name where you are permitted to eg in the URL and name fields ;o)

6. Visit one of the unknown sites who have referred traffic to you this week, find your link and send them a thank you email with some detail that shows you have looked at their website. Link back to them if you feel it is appropriate.

7. Come up with an April Fool and post about it everywhere you can think of with a link to your website.

8. Search Digg for your keywords and write an article about one popular story. Include a resource box with a little information about you / your company, and your URL. Then submit it to any one of the article sites for that subject.

9. Email all your customers with a special Easter offer. If your customer email database is a mess, spring clean it.

10. Spend some time looking at your website as though you had never seen it before. Make changes to improve it, or at least make a list of the things you will change when you have time.

11. Research a topic that you need to know more about to promote your company online. Whether it is email marketing, social media, pay per click, search engine optimisation, or copywriting for seo, find out more this week. (Try searching this blog for info on all of the above!)

12. Submit your website to free directories in your niche or region. Find them by searching for your keywords + directory

13. Add your business to Google maps

14. Go through all your business stationery and check that your website address is prominently displayed on everything – invoices, envelopes, brochures, etc

15. Include a brochure or flier for your website in the envelope when paying your bills by cheque. You never know who at BT will open the envelope with your business information in it!

16. Join Facebook and find groups to join in your business sector or, better still, find your competitors’ groups, pages etc and join those to keep an eye on what they are doing.

17. Join LinkedIn and complete your profile. Network with everyone you know and seek introductions to those you want to know.

18. Do a minimum of two of the above each day this week and then on Friday post in your blog what you have done, tweet about it, add that post to delicious, Digg it, update LinkedIn etc etc!

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