Whilst Google has spent the last decade taking potshots at all and sundry – from Amazon to Microsoft, from authors and publishers to video content producers, from telecoms to the oil industry – it is perhaps time to wonder whether your business might be next?

The Big Money has an interesting slant on Google in the Noughties. Today, only hours before Google is ‘allegedly’ announcing a smartphone, Nexus1, in the run up to the Consumer Electronics Show, to have a pop at the iPhone as well as mobile operators, it has to be worth pondering just what else may be up Google’s long-reaching sleeves, and how it may affect you in the coming decade.

Whilst Google undoubtedly makes the majority of its revenue from advertisers, is the potential there to accidentally destroy a number of those advertisers in the seeming unstoppable global takeover that some commentators are concerned about? After all, wiping out, or upsetting, a number of big publishers (of whatever type of content) doesn’t necessarily bode well for future advertising revenue…. This trend could extend further if Google takes on yet more business sectors.

On the other side of the coin, there are now only 3 major search engines, and many SEO companies focus almost wholly on Google, particularly for PPC, and therefore a percentage of your profits heads straight into Google’s pocket. Should it be? Could you be achieving similar results but without handing over that cash to Google? Have we all become blinkered into believing that Google is the only player and that the cost to be listed is an inevitable ‘evil’?

Google’s attitude with some of the major players has been to unravel their business models by developing and then offering similar products and services for free (see The Big Money article for numerous examples). Could this work two ways? Could smaller players e.g. you adopt similar tactics with Google to your own benefit? Are there places where you don’t actually need Google, any more than after today, potentially, Google won’t need smartphone manufacturers to deliver Android to the end user?

It would be interesting to see what others think…..

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