As some may have noticed, we have been experimenting with some of the Twitter tools available for clients and SEO agencies alikes.

For those with a blog, there are multiple options for ensuring that the information posted to your blog is automatically added to your twitter account, thereby saving a job. However, some tools only work with specific blogging software eg WordPress, whilst others offer a variety of useful functionality across multiple platforms.

This post is to check out what happens with Wordtwit (a WP add on) as against Twitterfeed, which works somewhat like Feedburner (now in the Google stable) and potentially is of more use to a wider audience.

Let’s hit send….!

Just before we do though, a salutory lesson to others. If you try to post in different places, eg blog, facebook, Twitter etc, and automate distribution of the content between those places, be very careful not to create an infinite loop!

For instance, if you set up Twitter to feed into your corporate Facebook page, and for your FB page to feed new content into Twitter each time a member of staff posts there, you will end up with a constant re-posting of the same content between the two places. Test and think out such processes before applying them live….

Update: you can use the Feedburner Awareness API to see your stats from Twitterfeed to Twitter and compare stats for clickthroughs between your traditional RSS feed distribution and your social media distribution.

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