As more of us become reliant on social media, not just for marketing campaigns but as a means to find out news, engage with peers, and so on, the need for search engines which specifically bring blog posts, Tweets, Diggs, social bookmarks etc to us has increased.

So, we set off to find some of the social media and real-time search engines that are already in existence. Get away from Google for a few hours and explore the many discussions and conversations on topics of interest to you!

LeapFish – this is a great little engine. Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, tweets, diggs, autosuggestion tool for searches, and much more. Definitely worth using.

SocialMention – interesting ranking system, plus regular users, sources, social media alerts, trending topics, and a blog widget.

Whostalking – search by category eg news, blogs, forums, images, videos, networks and tweets.

Samepoint – offers a wide range of searches across wikis, news, blogs, tweets, bookmarks, networks, podcasts, videos, news and so on.

OneRiot uses  social networks to influence the results you receive.  One Riot basically looks at what is being shared and trending at the moment, so that it is bringing you the most popular items.

AardVark is an interesting example in that you submit a question and the search engine finds the best person to answer for you across your social networks of friends and FOAFs (Friend of a Friend). An interesting idea, but one wonders if it implies that you can’t know your friends very well if you don’t know who to ask for yourself!

Fluther works in a similar way to aardvark, although it also shows all questions recently asked, and you can discuss your questions and answers in real time with other users and experts.

So, there’s a few to start with. Please let us know more – these are great fun as well as providing fascinating insights into what people are looking for from the social media they adopt.

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