Martyn Wright, Implementation Manager at ClickThrough, reveals how Automated Rules will help marketers get a good nights sleep.

News of a fairly major feature in Adwords has emerged today … Automated Rules. This new feature from the Google AdWords team lets you pause, activate or change bids at campaign, adgroup, keyword or ad level when certain criteria are met.

For example, you may wish to change a bid when an ad is below a certain position in search results, or pause a keyword when the CTR (clickthrough rate) or CPA (cost per acquisition) fall below targets that you set.

The new feature is able to make decisions based on statistics over a set period of time, for example the previous day, last week, or last month.

You can also set Automated Rules to run at certain times of the day or week. When all is said and done it’s a pretty powerful tool.

What does it mean for search marketers? Well, many short term promotions are timed to begin at midnight to tie in with scheduled changes on the clients website, or the beginning of campaigns on offline media – broadcast TV and radio for example.

Previously, some search marketers will have had to stay awake to trigger campaigns manually at the witching hour. Thankfully, Automated Rules can now take over, meaning more beauty sleep for paid search professionals.

More advanced users may also be happy allowing Automated Rules to change daily budgets too – reducing budgets at weekends for B2B campaigns for example.

Automated Rules are available in any of the tabs in AdWords, just below the graph as shown below:

And there are plenty of options too:

AdWords Automated Rules
AdWords Automated Rules in Detail

Find out more at in the post on the Inside AdWords blog and watch the 2 minute instructional video. Enjoy!

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