Twice recently, I have contacted companies through their websites about making a purchase. In both instances, all I needed was a simple answer to a question before sending money. One was contacted through a contact form on their website, and the other directly by email.

Two weeks later, no response from either. Sadly, this is fairly normal. In the case of small or micro businesses, there often is no strategy for checking and responding to emails, nor a single person responsible for doing so, except quite often, a very busy sole proprietor. In large businesses, there is little to no excuse for not checking emails on a regular basis, and responding to them.

The result of ignoring my emails? Two lost sales totalling around £350. Because I need the items in question, I can either chase up with a further email or a phone call, or I can go elsewhere.

If you don’t answer my emails, then am I likely to believe you can deliver the product in question on time, well packaged, and for it to be exactly what I require? Well, no, in all truth. So, I have gone elsewhere to buy what I need.

If you have put a website up, expect to get email enquiries. Read your emails regularly. And ANSWER them! Otherwise, the only loser is you and your bottom line.

And will I recommend these two companies to others? I can’t, sadly, although one of them is one of only two companies who offer this particular product nationally, and I would have liked to support them as they are Northern, like me. The other is a very large company with plenty of competition, one of whom has just got their sale because the very simple question I asked was answered promptly. The answer, was “Yes, it will”. Now how long would it have taken the initial company I contacted to type that, hit send and hence make the £150 sale?

Moral is: Ignore your inbox only if you are rich and want your business to succeed!

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