Once again there have been a number of key developments in the land of search engines and search engine marketing during the month of April.

An ongoing issue continues to be the Microsoft bid to takeover Yahoo!. The initial bid deadline has now passed, with no word from Yahoo! as to how the company will proceed. Boss of the search engine, Jerry Yang, is understood not to want the takeover to happen, but has failed to come up with any alternatives, so a more hostile approach may now be on the cards.

Aside from this, new figures have revealed that click fraud rates have risen when compared to this time last year. But they have fallen from the previous quarter.

Research conducted by the College of Information Sciences and Technology in Penn State revealed the make-up of user searches on the internet, with some 80 per cent appearing to be for informational purposes. The others were for navigational or transactional purposes.

Another study published this month revealed that internet users are fearful of targeted ads and do not like that information is stored about them for marketing purposes.

Meanwhile, whether or not Google searches are case sensitive have also been called into question this month, with a number of users finding that the same words return different results depending on whether capital letters are used or not.

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