Social Media Marketing - Tips and TricksA while back, all we ever read were posts and tweets offering solutions to that age old problem – “How to increase your number of Twitter followers by a gadzillion in just a month”. Some people went all out to get as many followers as possible, seemingly believing that old maxim that “There’s money in the list”. Perhaps there is, for some, but Twitter is a different animal altogether to email lists.

The whole point of Twitter is, surely, that it is a conversation tool as well as broadcast mechanism. It is two way. And there are few who can use it is as one way medium successfully.

However, many of us are finding as we discover what purpose Twitter has for us, or our clients, that there are times to be a sheep (and follow all and sundry) and times not to be.

For instance, if you are using Twitter as a customer support tool, you may not wish to follow every person who contacts you with a tech support issue. Once the issue is resolved, you may find the clutter of all their other tweets is too heavy a resource on your in-house or agency resources.

However, if you are using Twitter to increase brand awareness, create a community and increase customer loyalty, you need to become sociable with each of your followers. You need to get personal, remember to engage with them about their tweets, and make conversation. That way, your internet marketing campaign will see a higher level of success than if you just TX without RX.

Decide how and why you are using Twitter. If necessary create different accounts for different purposes so that users know where they need to direct their problems, complaints, support issues, or to become part of your community. Remember that you don’t need to follow everyone who follows you if that is not the purpose of your Twitter account.

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John Newton has 14 years of strategic marketing experience across Online Display, Search Marketing and TV and Outdoor Advertising, in companies which include Yahoo!, ITV and TNS Global. John has written on blog monetisation for Web Designer magazine and was the editor of ClickThrough’s two books. John is a CIM Chartered Marketer.