Out of office autoresponders are a great thing. In some ways. If a client is trying to reach you about a particular aspect of a campaign, a notable development, a question about how to promote a new product etc, then it helps if they know that their account manager is out of the office this week, and who to contact instead.

However, if your out of office autoresponder is not ‘smart’, then it will reply to every ezine, newsletter, client enquiry, spam email and so on, ad infinitum. The actuality of that is that you will undoubtedly make enemies with the very people you need to foster relationships with. Any by this, we are not talking about spambots or people who have bought your email address from some dodgy listserv seller.

If you want to know how to ensure that your Out of Office auto reply mechanism is keeping people on side rather than alienating them, the blog post linked to in this sentence is a MUST READ.

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