Bing has made the decision to include visual options on its homepage following a recent study by Microsoft Research, which revealed that imaging helps consumers process results 20 per cent quicker than those with text alone, according to a company insider.

Writing on the Bing community page, Todd Schwartz explained the new option as an improved way to refine queries, which would yield very good results for particularly structured searches.

Directing users to the Bing page, Mr Schwartz stated that they would find "an amazing new visual search experience", which allows people to do "one-click refinements" that are "specifically relevant to the type of results you are browsing through".

The move follows recent comments from Dan Oliver, the editor of .net magazine, who said last month that Bing would have to strive in order to take on Google as it has not been operating for as long and consumers and people involved in internet marketing services could find it easy to switch back to default browsers.

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