Microsoft’s ‘decision engine’ Bing needs to keep pushing its internet marketing and TV campaigns if it wants to maintain its challenge to the market after new figures showed the site temporarily seized second spot from Yahoo! last week.

Figures from StatCounter show Bing grabbed 5.62 per cent of the worldwide search engine market on June 4th, ahead of Yahoo!’s 5.13 per cent share. Google remained dominant with 87.62 per cent of the market.

Bing also ranked second in the US, with 16.28 of the daily market. Yahoo! managed a share of 10.22 per cent, while Google again dominated with a 71.47 per cent market share.

However, according to TechCrunch, Yahoo! regained second spot after June 4th as the "initial hype" around Bing began to fade.

By June 5th, Yahoo! had 5.17 per cent of the global market, while Bing was down to 3.17 per cent. A day later, Bing had slipped to market share of 2.79 per cent compared to Yahoo!’s 4.96 per cent.

"Microsoft needs to keep pushing those TV and web ads to keep its name in people’s minds," TechCrunch said.

"Otherwise, Bing runs the risk of having already peaked."

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