Marketers yet to be convinced of the case for buying their brand’s name as a keyword could be won over by two new products from Google and Yahoo!, according to one expert.

Writing on Search Engine Land, David Roth, director of search marketing at Yahoo!, said that the Ad Sitelinks and Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) features are two good reasons to "buy that brand and feel good about it".

Google’s Ad Sitelinks gives marketers greater control over the AdWords messages that are displayed when users search from their brand terms.

Meanwhile, RAIS has been specifically designed to showcase a company’s products to users who search for brands.

Ads served on this platform can include video clips, such as product demos or mini-commercials, which can help to fuel a "dramatic increase" in clickthrough rates.

Mr Roth advised marketers thinking about buying brand keywords to initially focus on their main term, to experiment with different ad elements like video and to be prepared to pay a higher cost per click than usual.

Josh McCoy of Search Engine Watch recently said that for more general search engine optimisation, marketers should avoid an "obsession" with highly competitive single words and should instead try to build on a broad keyword theme.

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