Pay Per Click Marketing - Tips and TricksCan’t cope with monitoring your campaigns for your best or worst performing keywords? Know that you should overbid your current PPC amounts occasionally to get on the front page but no time to monitor your accounts that closely? Why not enable Enhanced CPC?

This is a new feature from Google that allows you to increase your ROI and conversions by applying the full gamut of stats about your campaigns and ads each time a search is conducted. Google will over or under bid on specific terms based on historic data about your conversions, and can therefore increase (or reduce) your bid when a specific search term is deemed, based on historic data, as (un)likely to bring you a result.

This is all based on historic data for your ads, so ads which perform well will be boosted across the content networks, whilst those which are just costing you money will be downshifted to a lesser position. These are highly customisable settings through conversion tracking, and can rely on the user’s location, browse, OS etc. The system makes a decision based on previous conversions about whether, and where, to show you advert, and hence cost to you. Whether this data can really replace pay per click agency scrutiny and common sense, remains to be seen – and of course, it will only ever work with your existing campaigns and keywords – it cannot create new ones for you!

What we are seeing here is the beginning of behavioural and personalised advertising using the phenomenal amount of data that Google has access to. It’s not clear yet whether your average consumer will notice, but potentially as a business with an effective PPC campaign already running, the time is now to test it out in the experienced hands of your agency.

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A practising internet marketing consultant since 1996, Lindsey Annison helps companies improve their website marketing, online PR and information architecture. Lindsey is also a qualified adult education lecturer and author. As co-founder of the Access to Broadband Campaign, she has been instrumental in the provision of high-speed internet access to rural areas in the UK. Lindsey is also a past winner of's Outstanding Contribution to UK Technology