Search engine marketing companies may now have to give more consideration to whether keywords or phrases have capital letters or not, it has been claimed.

A number of recent reports suggest that searches on Google are case sensitive, with different results appearing if and when capital letters are used in the search.

BizReport notes that Google itself claims its searches are not at all case sensitive, adding that all letters will be treated as lowercase. It gives an example of a search on George Washington, claiming that if the name is written completely in lowercase, or with some capital letters, the results will be the same.

However, the search engine marketing news provider notes that this is not the case. Further to this, it cites a number of bloggers who have found that search results vary on a number of different phrases, depending on whether or not capital letters are used.

As a result, search engine marketing campaigns may need to see copy written with the use of capitalisation in order to see search engine optimisation results that are desired.

Indeed a number of bloggers from locations around the world, including New Zealand, the US and the United Kingdom, have all noticed that the search results displayed in Google differ depending on whether or not capital letters are used.

As well as this, searches for specific phrases return a different amount of results when capital letters are used compared to when they are not, one blogger going by the name of Zandiver noted on a Webmaster World discussion board.

However, BizReport claims that current speculation regarding the differences suggests that it is simply an error or bug with Google’s search terms. The website notes that it hopes Google will clarify the situation before search engine marketing specialists start to alter copy depending on the results.

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